Epilogue: The Last Stand

On Monday morning Tanya and I get up at 0400. There is a slight breeze from the north but it is nothing to speak of. Today is the day. I run the generator for one last time to top off the batteries before we leave and to make coffee. Once that is done we move propane and the ramp dolly inside. The south door gets boarded and we move all of our gear outside and down to the ramp. The last thing out is the engine. It slips onto the inflatable without issue and starts right up. Finally the north board gets nailed on and the house is officially closed for the season. We move the boat down the ramp a ways and start loading it up.

The Georgia Madison is moving towards us from the north, the very bright crab lights visible from nearly Great Duck Island. He arrives right on time and Tanya and I are ready. The ramp is slick from the outgoing tide and it is no problem moving the boat down the ramp. I study the sea for a minute and pick a window. There is only very slight northerly chop here now. When the time is right we give a quick push and glide off the ramp into the cove. The boat is slightly bow-heavy. All of our gear is with us. Tanya takes a small spray from a wave over her head but nothing critical. The engine starts up and we move into the dark, headed for the light of the ‘Georgia Madison’. We arrive there and I’m in quiet disbelief that we actually made it this far. It has been a true journey.

We easily load our gear into the boat. I then take the outboard off and pass it to Chris. With that done the inflatable comes up over the rail and into the stern of the boat. For the first time in 39 days we move north away from Mount Desert Rock. We hope to be back in April but the winter project is decidedly now over. Leaving our home behind is bittersweet.

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1 Response to Epilogue: The Last Stand

  1. Larson Alley says:

    Very interesting, looking forward to your spring adventures.

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