Day Thirty-Three: End Game

17 February 2014 (Monday)

Wake up at 0730.

Tomorrow is supposed to be our last day at Mount Desert Rock but we now have some complications. It looks like we will get a very short weather window in the morning, which is

Goofy seal pops up in the sea foam

Goofy seal pops up in the sea foam

great. There should be no problem moving Kathy, Kerry, and Rebecca out to the Georgia Madison. However we have a small group of people interested in spending three days at the Rock before we leave and the weather does not look good for such a short stay. If they do come out Tanya and I will stay with them. I have been communicating with Ardrianna at COA about the changing plan. After looking at the weather this morning I think that it is best to call it off. There is no way we can guarantee a three-day stay. I communicate with Ardrianna and Dan. We need to tell the visitors that they can come tomorrow for the day or reschedule for a later date.


This day is spent packing up the rock and planning for shut down. Kathy and Kerry are packing up everything except for the secondary weather station. Tanya and I stow our gear in case we need to leave. I’m unsure how far to get into closing the rock down because we do not know if we are staying.

In the afternoon I hear from Ardrianna. The guests are interested in staying at MDR for 7-10 days or as long as the weather will dictate. The most preferred scenario is that I stay along IMG_0596with them. This is the last thing I want to do at this point. I immediately decline and Ardrianna moves on to find a replacement liaison. After such a rough start to this project we are at the cusp of ending on a very high note. We are pushing it by trying to do more now. But as soon as I decline the offer to stick around I somewhat regret it. I want to make sure we take advantage of as many opportunities as we can to use this place. I tell Ardrianna I will try and rally. Toby initially agrees to take over but in the end he cannot make it happen. I talk it over with Tanya and she agrees to stick around as well. We’ll make the best of it. It also takes the pressure off of closing up today. I’m just relieved a decision has been made. Now we just need some good weather tomorrow.

Still a lot of energy over seal ledges

Still a lot of energy over seal ledges

Taking advantage of a little extra time Tanya and I pick up the miscellaneous wood scraps that have blown across the island and stow them in the generator shed. This is our small way of picking up the island for the new visitors.

IMG_0814It has been blowing 25 kts all day from the northwest. The sea is quite steep rolling into the cove. The forecast is for the wind to switch around to southeast overnight and drop out. That should cancel things out pretty well. I hope so.

For dinner Tanya makes pizza (bacon, artichoke and caramelized onions). Kerry was quite pleased with the bacon pizza. After dinner we played another round of Up and Down the River – our last for the season.

Tomorrow we will bid farewell to our old friends.

Bed by 2130.


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