Day Thirty-Two: More Generator Problems

16 February 2014 (Sunday)

Wake up at 0630 having slept very well back in a real bed. It was howling all night and the windows are iced up. MDR is sheeted in snow and ice and the winds are whipping from the northwest. The steep 9 foot chop, one about every five seconds, is captivating in it’s own right as it slams into the island. Such a stark difference compared to the long southerly swells that come in sets, one bigger than the next, until the cycle repeats, with each wave about 15 seconds behind the one in front of it.


I check the batteries and they are quite low at 22.8. Kerry is awake and I ask how the night went. Their balance scale was not working so somewhat disappointing. It was then reset and seemed to right itself for a while.

I head out to run the generator. It fires up and I head inside. A few minutes later and I hear it overload and die. I am not sure why as the load on the system was quite low. I start it up again but it is having trouble. It will only run when choked. Then it does not run at all. I fear something more catastrophic has happened. Needing power I head inside and gather the troops. We move the big gas generator back outside. It starts up, runs for a bit, and dies as well. However it starts up again without issue and stays running OK.

Tanya catches the rainbow in the surf

Tanya catches the rainbow in the surf

Kathy and Kerry spend the morning setting out multi-cylinders until the balance fails again. Then they move onto vaseline slides as the winds peter out. Becca does some seal observation first from the tower and then from the porch. She has found several entangled seals on the island, most of them with lines around their neck.

We are now starting to get creative with cooking as food dwindles. Kathy, Becca, and IMG_0804Tanya spend much of the day brainstorming new recipes to make with what is left. We have plenty of flour, peanut butter, and beans. Kathy decides to try making groundnut stew, a staple she ate while part of the PeaceCorps in Ghana. Tanya searches the internet and finds her recipes. However, later in the day, Kathy loses confidence and makes chicken curry again for dinner.

After much prodding from Tanya, Becca makes apple crisp for dessert.

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