Day Twenty: Storm Coming

04 February 2014 (Tuesday)

Wake up at 0700, start the generator, start the coffee. It is another very quiet day at MDR. There is a slight breeze from the north, and a bit of chop, but the buoy is at 2.5 feet. The sun is bright so am hoping the solar will carry us most of the day.

Nice bright day on MDR

Nice bright day on MDR

Tanya does a seal count and notices ice on the spire. She fills in Kathy and Kerry and they head out to do a collection. This is the first time in a couple of days where it has been cold enough for ice to form.

Once again, with the calm conditions, we note five or six lobster boats in the area. Our friend Jared, in the ‘Sea Fever’, might be out today and swing by. Early on we see the ‘Tammy and Chris’, another boat that fishes from Northeast Harbor, motor quickly by MDR. I know that is Jared’s good friend and wonder if he is on board, but we do not hear from them and I never get around to haling on the VHF.

We have run very low on rain and snow water for dishes and showers. With the warm temperatures we meant to pour some from the 55 gallon drum outside and bring into the house to keep it from freezing. That time has passed now with freezing temperatures as the drum is frozen again. It is super heavy so no chance for bringing the whole thing into the house.

Much of today is spent inside working on computers, updating people on shore, working on other small projects. Rebecca heads out to do some seal recording early on. Kathy and Kerry do set

View from the top turret

View from the top turret

out slides on the foghorn platform and lower lighthouse catwalk without much expectation. But collecting data on a low-wind day is important as a control, or a sample to compare the high-wind days with. As expected there is minimal spray accumulated.

In the afternoon we hear from Tom Fernald that there is a television producer who might like to do some filming at MDR for a show. A few minutes later he contacts me over email. They may come out for a few days this month if the weather is right.

Tanya does a late tower watch before sunset and I do the same

Seal sex pool

Seal sex pool

from the high point of island to the south, being mindful of the seals. Two winters ago, on the coldest day here, we were surprised by a fin whale 100 meters off the east side of the island. Ever since we’ve expected to see another. We have not seen any more.

A winter storm is scheduled to blanket the northeast tomorrow and Kerry announces all of the weather predictions at the kitchen table. Sounds like a pretty good storm. We may get 6-10 inches

Chris on "shark watch"

Chris on “shark watch”

here, though the weather can be pretty different here from forecasts on the mainland. Yesterday it was 27 degrees here but in Belfast, which is just at the top of Penobscot Bay and not terribly distant from here, it was 6 degrees.




Tanya makes mac & cheese and a salad with hot dogs on the side for dinner. Kathy makes a large batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Dishes, a little reading, then to bed at 2200.

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