Day Nineteen: Kite Number Two

Day Nineteen

03 February 2014 (Monday)

Wake up at 0715, check batteries (23.6), start the generator and make coffee. It continues to be very calm at the Rock. I make spicy potatoes and Tanya makes breakfast burritos.

Low tide is early and Tanya head right for the tower to do a seal count. More bloody seals are around.

IMG_7276 IMG_7305

Today we try again to tackle the new wind generator. I’ve decided that the current location of the wind generator is terrible for testing as it is getting no wind. We move the generator back out

Wind generator

Wind generator

to the solar array site and run some long high gauge cable to reduce attenuation.

I talk to Sean Murphy and voice my concerns about Google Drive – it just is not acting like it is supposed to for getting weather data to shore. I would like to test Dropbox. After he reads up on it he also becomes a believer. All of us at the island begin downloading Dropbox to our computers and it is taking a while. I’m also concerned about the connectivity of our primary computer to the internet because the MiFi seems to have a poor connection. I ask Kerry if we can move the whole system into the radio room. We do and it acts much nicer there.

Turbine back where it started

Turbine back where it started

Afternoon we fly the second and “higher end” kite that Kathy has brought along. It is really difficult to get it to fly. Tanya is trying to float it and it just wants to run back into the ground or directly at her. Eventually I give it a shot but move away from the lee of the structures a bit and have success. It flies reasonably high for light winds. Kathy takes over and then, with some prodding, Rebecca gives it a shot. The test goes OK but on the way back in the kite nosedives into the rock really hard and the structural pole rips through the sleeve. Kathy has tape to fix this but none of us have much confidence in using a camera on this kite. We also flew the old kite to compare and it was perfect as usual.

Mount Desert Island looks so blue on the horizon today- still calm seas

Mount Desert Island looks so blue on the horizon today- still calm seas

Right before sunrise Tanya and I go up to the tower to do a shark watch. Nothing again. Lot of birds to the southeast, and seals logging at the surface around the island. No sign of anything more. We do see a black hulled lobster boat that has been out all day still fishing north of the island. There were quite a few fisherman out today but not as many as yesterday.

Tanya makes two pizzas for dinner, one vegetarian and one sausage.

Bed by 2130.

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