Day Twelve: House Cleaning

27 January 2014 (Monday)

Up at 0400 and see two boats in the distance through our window. Cannot tell if they are cargo or fishing vessels. I go down to use the head and check them out further but I still do not see them very well.

Slept in a bit later today, got up at 0800. Wind was already steady near 30 kts and very warm out, 40 degrees F. The sun is out but I guess not that strong as the batteries are down around 23 volts. I fill the generator with fuel and start it up.

Tanya makes cream of wheat for breakfast.

Today I work with Sean Murphy, assistant IT person at COA, over email to figure out the weather station feed. I suggest dropbox but Sean is more comfortable with google drive, so we will try that. Over the course of the day I get setup with google drive and put a test .dat file and .csv file in the common box. The .dat file does not work but the .csv is all good. I look forward to getting the equipment set up to do a full test here after the next supply run.

The winds hover around 30 – 36 kts today, still good weather for Kathy and Kerry to work. They set out the multi-cylinder on the fog horn platform rather than the tower, and

The multi-cylinder placed on the fog horn platform

The multi-cylinder placed on the fog horn platform

also set the GoPro out for more filming. Of all the things happening here, the GoPro seems to be taking the most time! Due to a special 64 GB micro SD card issue they cannot download the files directly, and instead download through a WiFi connection on the camera. This means it takes twice as long as any footage they shoot to download to their computers. They’ve been fighting with this issue since day one and it will only be resolved when they get their new computers out here next week.

I move the VHF radio into the living room today as I spend very little time in the radio room and will likely miss any calls that come through. The transfer goes fine, and we can now sit in warmth next to the radio. We hear USCG station Jonesport trying to raise one of their vessels without any luck. We also hear Fundy coast guard, which is a good sign for connectivity of the big antenna.


When Kathy and Kerry go out to set equipment we take advantage and Tanya and I give the house a thorough clean. The dining room table is a makeshift dry laboratory space, and we move all the computers, notebooks, hard drives, cameras, etc. off to the side. After ten days it’s in need of a wipe down. I also put out a box where I hope random electronic equipment will stay as cables, hard drives, card readers have been scattered all over the place.

Next I strain all of our rain water through a t-shirt and combine into one tote.This water is used for dishes and showers only, and we make sure to boil it all before use. It has also been shocked with some bleach. Having it on hand takes the pressure off of our bottled

Living room window- great spot to sit and watch seals or surf

Living room window- great spot to sit and watch seals or surf

spring water use quite a bit. The house has cisterns but they are not in working order at the moment, so we rely on fresh water from shore for these projects.

The seals are way up high on the east side of the island near the house agin to stay away from the SW swell and wind. When Tanya goes up to count them at low tide Kerry times it perfectly and inadvertently flushes them trying to take a picture. Tanya gently reminds them to be careful in the future.

Blustery all day but seems colder in the house than outside. It hits 45 degrees, and wind gusts near 40. Kathy and Kerry make an attempt to put tape on the Western Cove spire to delineate meters but get no chance due to the 10-12 foot seas crashing over. They collect frozen spray from the spire when possible and check for salinity. This helps them understand how high up sea spray is freezing over the height of sea level.

Tanya makes fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy for dinner. Bed by 2215.

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