Day One: Preparation

16 January 2014 (Thursday)

Tanya and I gather supplies in Bar Harbor and prepare the small inflatable tender ‘Ego’ with the Yamaha 25 outboard. I have been speaking with our charter, Chris Candage, as he makes his way in from fishing in the MDR area, trying to make a decision about whether or not to go to the station tomorrow. The winds is very light (5-10 kts) but they are calling for 4-5 ft seas still, in S swell, which can make landings at Mount Desert Rock tough. Chris feels that our options are very limited this time of year and we should go. Eventually I agree and we make a plan.

At 1400 Tanya, Dan Dendanto, and I make our way to Northeast Harbor in two trucks to meet Chris and load the boat, the ‘Georgia Madison’. As we make our way over I realize that the outboard engine has disappeared from the inflatable and is likely on the road somewhere between Seal Harbor and Northeast Harbor…not a good start to this trip. Tanya and I make our way back down the road and eventually find the outboard in several pieces, covered in dirt and salt, in a snowbank on the side of the road. Not 24 hours earlier I had picked this engine up from the repair shop. I’m in disbelief, but there’s not time to pout. We gather up the motor and make our way to NE Harbor, where Dan has already finished emptying his truck into the boat. I meet Chris and his crew, Mike and Matt, and give Dan the the bad news about the outboard. We quickly unload and make a plan for the morning – meet at 8 am, get to MDR by 1030 (two hours before high tide).

We bid farewell to the ‘Georgia Madison’ and make our way back to Bar Harbor. I need to drive up to the Verizon store in Bangor to activate the cell internet card, our connection to the outside world while offshore. I leave Tanya to shop for groceries, which takes 3 hours and most of the staff at Hannaford in Bar Harbor. At 8 pm we reconvene at the Davis garage to sort groceries and start the replacement Mariner 25 outboard in prep for tomorrow. The engine fires up fine and we call it a night.


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2 Responses to Day One: Preparation

  1. Greetings,
    As a former L/H keeper in the 1960’s and 70’s, I find your information very interesting. We did not have all of the modern technology. My wife and I served at Monhegan Island L/H, Fort Point L/H and Browns Head L/H , I was also keeper and engenman in charge at Heron Neck L/H at the southern approach to Maine’s Penobscot Bay.
    Keep up your great work. Ernest G. DeRaps – U.S. Navy & Coast Guard retired of Richmond, Maine.

    • cjtremblay says:


      Great to hear from you, and thanks for the kind words. It means a lot coming from someone with such experience. It sounds like quite a life you’ve had. Maybe you could come visit us sometime in the summer, if you are in the area, and tell us some stories. Please keep in touch.



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